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Kitchen Faucet

A kitchen faucet of one kind or another has been in kitchens almost ever since there have been kitchens and despite all the modern technology of today, they will probably still remain a major feature in any kitchen for many years to come. Of course, though that does not mean that all kitchens look the same or even that all the kitchen faucets look the same because they don’t there are many different styles of kitchen and always an increasing number of different faucet styles to choose from when designing a kitchen’s layout.

The first faucets which are known to exist date back to 1700BC on the Island of Crete and are from the Minoan Palace of Knossos and featured faucets of gold, silver or marble and had terra cotta-based piping. During the Roman Empire days between 1000 BC – 476 AD, the Romans also used silver faucets but their fittings were made of gold or marble and sometimes both. The Romans used lead for their piping and these faucets were used at their public bathhouses.

Faucets remained fairly similar to those of the Romans until fairly recently, except for the faucets not always being made of silver nor gold and marble for the fittings. Advances in how faucets looked only really started to take place as late as 1937 when, having scalded his hands on hot water from a faucet, a student by the name of Al Moen, decided to try and design a better one. Although he worked hard on designing a new faucet and designed several between 1940 and 1945, it wasn’t till 1947 that he was able to sell his first one, a single handled faucet nut by 1957 a million had been sold in the US alone and another 55 different countries had also bought them. Today these single handled faucets can be found in 50% of American homes plus of course, many other countries around the world.

It is not just Al Moen designed faucets available today though and so before buying and it is perhaps best to visit a website which reviews the best kitchen faucets available today and that way you can ensure that you get not only a faucet which looks good but also one which is effective and efficient and can perhaps not allow you to suffer the misfortune of Al Moen and scald your hands.

There are several review sites online for kitchen faucets and most of them will have reviewed a wide range of different ones, enabling them to make certain recommendations but of course, they are only recommendations as many people’s views are not always the same. The sites do however usually offer you the opportunity to compare prices from one brand to another but there can be considerable differences in prices depending on the type of faucet you prefer, however, most of today’s modern faucets are very efficient as well as being very effective. Often the type of faucet you have in your kitchen can make a difference as to how comfortable you feel in that kitchen.