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Linoleum Problems

Linoleum is a good and popular floor covering but it does have the one problem and that problem is that it can easily be damaged, especially when furniture is moved across it. Today there is a solution to that problem though and that solution is in the form of felt buffers which can be placed on the feet of the furniture to ensure that there is no damage caused. You can learn more about these felt buffers at http://www.furniturebuffers.com but basically they are felt pads which are glued to the feet of any furniture or appliances before they are moved. The glue is glue which has been especially formulated for this purpose and so ensures that the pads stay in place once they have been positioned. The pads come in various sizes and there are even pads especially designed for use with linoleum floor coverings. The glue is already on the pads and so all that is needed is for you to remove the covering from the glue side of the pad and place the pad securely in position, no tools required.

We often want to move furniture just to clean up, perhaps under a sofa or underneath a table and each time we do, if we are not careful, we can easily rip the linoleum covering our floor, that is if we do not have the pads but, if we do have the pads, the furniture can easily be moved without concerns about the linoleum being damaged. Although these pads may therefore come in useful on a weekly basis, they certainly will be useful during spring cleaning and even more useful if you should have to relocate at any time. Relocating is always a bind regardless of how far you may be moving as first you have to move and load all your furniture and appliances and then you have unload and once again move all the furniture and appliances. Relocating always costs money and so the last thing you will want is to have to pay for damages to the floor of the home you are vacating, which of course could easily get damaged if you don’t have and use the felt pads.

As the felt pads have been especially designed to help move furniture, they are thick enough to prevent damage and yet discreet enough to be left in place once the furniture has been moved, ready for when you may want to move it again. As the pads do come in various sizes and are available for different uses, not only can you find a size which is ideal for your furniture but you may also be able to find other uses for the pads, perhaps to stop a locker door from noisily slamming but regardless of what uses you may put them too, they will be a great asset to you in your home, workplace or even warehouse. These are one product that not only pays for itself in the damages saved but is also of great convenience.