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Tiles of Marble

Marble is a very beautiful stone which the Taj Mahal, made completely of marble will lay testament to but today tiles can be made from marble to introduce a touch of beauty and elegance to any home. It is only since the 1950s that tiles have been used in the homes of regular people, up until then they had been reserved for use only in important buildings or the homes of the rich but have been in use in those places since 4000BC. The ancient Assyrians and the Babylonians are known to have made tiles from mud or clay and tiles were used extensively by the ancient Egyptians but only in places of importance. Since then there is evidence to show that tiles were also used in India, Chine, Greece and Rome as well as in the North African country of Tunisia but always only in important buildings. Although still only used in important buildings, the use of tiles by Italian architects became very popular in the late middle ages and even today, Italy heads the field in the production of new styles and designs for tiles.

It wasn’t until the 1950s that tiles became common place in any home with ceramic tiles being used in almost every new home which was built. Since then though, tiles have become regular adornments in many homes and to match the increasing need, many tiles from a variety of materials have now become available to use. As natural stone tiles can add a touch of elegance to any home, marble tiles london 2016 have become increasingly popular. Although marble is not the only natural stone from which tiles are made, many think that marble tiles are the most elegant and as the Taj Mahal is made entirely of marble, marble has long been associated with beauty. Some types of marble tiles are more durable than others though and so care should be taken in which type of marble tiles you use on each floor.

For instance, both Stratus Grey Honed Marble Tiles and Charcoal Grey Honed Marble Tiles are very durable and therefore suitable for use in any room, regardless of how much traffic is expected however, Sand Botticino Polished Marble Tiles with their reflective surface are only suitable for rooms where medium traffic is expected and although the colour of Sylvia Pearl Polished Marble Tiles allow them to be matched with any colour of furniture, they should only be used in rooms where a minimal traffic is expected. Although many people consider using marble tiles in their kitchens, perhaps as counter tops, they should first be aware that marble tiles can be susceptible to stains, especially from coffee, tea an alcohol, also from tomato and butter products and so steps should be taken when marble counters are used, to avoid spills of this nature. Apart from marble now becoming popular for tiles, other natural stone tiles are also becoming popular as well, including tiles of Travertine and limestone. Whenever using any type of natural stone tile, you should check with the manufacturer as to whether or not they need treating before use.