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Window Installation

Sometimes it is not the type of windows that you have on your house that make your heating bill so high, it could be that the windows that you have, have not been fitted correctly. It is therefore important that when you first fit windows in your house or opt to replace the ones you already have, that you get a professional contractor to do it. Often DIY enthusiasts opt to do the job themselves as it appears easy and although installing windows may not be too hard, installing them correctly in order to achieve their maximum energy efficiency, is not so easy, as the DIY enthusiasts later find out by the inflated heating bills. Milwaukee Window Replacement, as in other parts of the country, should therefore only be carried out by licenced, professional contractors that are insured for the job. Having said that though, obviously the types of windows you have installed can make a huge difference to your heating bills. Double glazed windows often offer the best insulation and it is the insulation of the windows which will ultimately determine the size of your heating bill.

Window replacement is very expensive and so is something that should only be done when really needed as it would take years of savings on heating bills to recoup their cost. It is best therefore to first see if the windows you currently have can be repaired, perhaps the seals around them have become breached in which case resealing may be all that is needed to reduce the heating bill. It is possible today to increase the energy efficiency of older windows and that is something which you may want to look into, especially if the type of windows you have were specifically chosen to fit the look of the house. When looking for replacement windows, you are obviously going to look for the most energy efficient but sometimes, due to the style of the windows you have, those replacement windows will afford your home a completely different look and sometimes that look is not one for the better. In some instances replacing windows, although the new ones may be more energy efficient, they may cause the house’s value to depreciate due to its resultant new look.

Although it may hurt your budget to pay a higher than necessary heating bill, statistics show that replacing your single pane windows with better, more energy efficient ones, can save you as much as $500 a year, remember the average cost of replacing all your windows will be about $12,000 which means: it could hurt your budget more and will take you 24 years to recoup your expenditure. A cheaper option to reduce your heating bills may be to re-caulk the windows and perhaps add weather strips where needed. Caulking, for the best results, should be done in temperatures above 45°F but with low humidity and weather stripping should be added in temperatures above 20°F. Although these actions will not save as much on your bills as replacement windows might, it could be a significant help.